In order to offer a premium design service, we recognize the need to use only premium design software. To that end, we use software that is more typically found in Large Architectural Firms than in drafting offices. Sure there are cheaper options, but we choose to use the best.

And when we say the best, we mean the best for you, our client. We use only the latest, state of the art, 3D Design software. Known in the industry as BIM (Building Information Modeling), it ensures you have the most accurate blueprints possible. In addition to allowing us to show your design in 3D, it also means we are able to provide services such as shadow & solar studies, construction phasing, design options, as well as photo-realistic renderings.

No, we don’t use your average drafting software. We use software designed by Architects, for Architects. It’s the same premium software used by Leading Architectural Firms around the globe. There’s a reason they don’t settle for less and neither should you. We are the only local drafting studio using Genuine Autodesk® Premium Software Suites.




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